Sidewalk Real Estate Development

The Museum

20/22 Wentworth Street, Dartmouth
Home to Oxalis Restaurant and Sip Bar + Fare.
Completed in 2022/2024

The building at 20 Wentworth street, in the heart of downtown Dartmouth, has a fascinating mixed-use history. Once a house, the building has since been home to an ice cream shop, a dog groomer, and even (this is true) a happy face museum. But time took its toll, and obscured this building’s true potential. It needed a facelift and a new lease on life—hey, right up our alley.

Celebrating a colourful past with a delightful future.

Still bringing smiles to people’s faces.

20 Wentworth has now been converted into two separate and unique restaurants. 22 Wentworth is home to Oxalis Restaurant—a warm and authentic space for European-inspired food. Next door, at 20 Wentworth Street, Sip Bar + Fare is located in a modern architectural building with one of downtown Dartmouth’s best patios. So though it’s no longer a happy face museum, this location is certainly still all about smiles. That’s the power of great food, in inspiring spaces, in a beautifully-vibrant urban neighbourhood.

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